The Online Producer as a Power User

Within the circumstances of today’s media networks it is impossible to not produce. The classical dichotomy of production and consumption has been melted down by the circuits of communication and given birth to what marketing calls the prosumer.

Also known as power user, neither professional nor amateur, neither hobbyist nor self-employed, between sofa and kitchen table, sometimes expert, sometimes dilettante, leaving the suburbs and moving to the city centers or the countryside, using trains and airplanes but not owning a car. Living from project to project and shifting between unemployment and immediate wealth, the power user has left the factories and office buildings long ago to stay home and be the post-industrial anti-hero.

On the thin surface of the heavy layers of well developed old technologies, this prototype of the knowledge worker, grew up to become a collective role model for the rest of us and began to transform the boundaries of industrial labor, turning it into an ambiguous field of totalised work ethics. Everyone is a power user now, dependent on the degree of participation in the global communication apparatus.

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