The affirmative vs the critical user

There are two different types of power users, affirmative ones  and critical ones.

The af.rmative power user operates as a singularised entity of intensi.ed use and micro-self-publishing, who then, by learning more, join flocks of loose and interlinked groupings, and develops a sense of togetherness. Dependent on the degree of desire for such a community, she joins the forming of sub-groups, where in an antagonism against and within the host system, she turns into a critic.

As a critical opponent, she supports the community of the like-minded with plans to change the host system, and the critique becomes an expression of the growing self-awareness of her own class. As an af.rmative member she chooses competition in favour of individual optimisation and uses the integration for means of ef.ciency. It is rare that the power user is not critical
and af.rmative at once and it is here, in the social field, where power unfolds with the most forceful ruptures, ready to be reprocessed into its symbolic forms again.

Finally, unable to distinguish between me and we, the power user speaks of herself in plural. Tactically transmutating between multiplicity and singularity, her oscillating condition of mind has become identical with the modes of production which define her.

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