The sovereign media

There are no sovereign media.

The more excluded or invisible a group, the more interesting it becomes for representation. The more violent the fight, the more self-destructively it resists representation, the more difference it produces, so the media sets its focus of investigation to the maximum.

Terrorism is the continuation of communication with other means to send ‘messages without words’. Total mediation does not allow any outside, any existence in the shadows; it only allows unrepresentable noise, chaos, decay and disintegration - or a peaceful life in a subordinated normality. Therefore the line of the outside becomes the centre of attention. Focusing on the extremes of catastrophy and violence, the uncanny chaos becomes symbolised and fixed in a commodity value exchange, and economy ultimately turns into a matter of faith.

The power user serves as an active agent of mediation: she works on the overlappings of old and new electric media, and tests the boundaries of the new interfaces between internet, television, radio, telephony and other gadgetry for a possible answer. As free capitalism enlightened by free media aims at the total domination of space and time, the power user delivers to the all-seeing eye, as it operates on its surface through image media, to objectify what it ‘sees’, and what it sees is what you want.

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