The non profit end of the production spectrum

The expected growth of open archives at the non profit end of the spectrum exceeds commercial growth by orders of magnitude because the intensity of exchange is much larger than in a closed learning environment. The power user marks a change of the function of the author in such a collecti.ed mode of production and is described by a prolonged list of last authors.

Any enterprise in the future which operates on the basis of knowledge production will have to rely partly on ‘free and open’ resources, as a foundation of their business power.

As a contributor the power user remixes modes of production, consumption and distribution, maximising communicative participation. Therefore the power user becomes the new ideal of education in a democratic media culture. This new type of authorship is more factory-like, more collective, based on an imaginary predictability of ‘free will’ and constant competition, a combination of the dreams of info-capitalism and soviet constructivism. Its openings and enclosures are dialectically entangled; none of them exists without the other.

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