Power Users vs Hackers

The power user is the opposite of the hacker; she does not want to get ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the system, but stays at her place to deepen her knowledge.

Only the collectivisation of these singular ‘boreholes of insight’ overcomes the traps of a production process which collapses in the .nal goal of a fabricated individualism, as an advanced part of capitalistic production, and the establishment of a radically
mediocre authorship within very constrained and predictable boundaries.

The second criteria of change is the equivalent of what was called consciousness before, but is today rather a media process than a psychological one. In effect, the media architecture of the information and communication infrastructure has replaced the discursive function of the psychic apparatus, and clarity can only be regained in the plurality of a parliament of things.

This is the radical conversion of Descartes’ ‘cogito’, and the first trials of a truly planetary politics are still tinkering around how to outsmart the ‘other’. The current defence of conservative fundamentalism can only be a phase of transition and the symbolic
death in which capitalistic production culminates; it cannot remain a means in itself. Driven by the will to knowledge,48 the power user will ultimately empower herself by giving the power of knowledge away.

The more intellectual property is collectified, the more sources are open, the more a critical mass of free knowledge becomes possible. Pit Schultz

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