Colonisation of the web space

Through the intensified use of the networked computer, the subjectivity of the power user colonises space as far as the networks go. Being digital is constituted by an auto-referential mode of production which has transformed the workplace into a permanent state of mind, organised into thin slices of valuable work time.

Like a CPU, the brain now functions as the ultimate desktop where every thought might be useful and therefore needs to be recorded to be organised better. With genetics, the code of life has become a commodity, and the power user gains access to her ultimate eugenic self-optimisation, hacking the body-machine.

This pattern of total productivity is not only defined by the success of its results but also by the entirety in which it dominates everyday living standards and permeates every aspect of a life on the screen. There are areas of optimisation, and areas of contemplation, but one is never free of production, of having to communicate and report, of having to learn to embrace
new standards; or leaving trails of usage, just to be able to take part in the global production of affective and intellectual labour14 and subjectify according to the expected profits.

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