Between the avarage user and the IT pro

Becoming an expert, functioning between the average user and the I.T. professional, the power user marks a transitional state of computer literacy, which socially buffers the imperfections of current technologies, but also generates a type of sleeping knowledge in which an economic potential is generated without the need for .nancial rewards.

Power users form the waiting reserve of unpaid labour in a networked environment of digital knowledge production. Their specialisation through intensi.ed usage is a model for other computerised work areas, such as .lm editing, music production, game development or journalistic production.

The unpaid labour of the power user is not only legitimated through the need for lifelong learning or the chance to gain
access to specialised expertise, but mainly by social reputation, deriving from the tangible and intangible aspects of the production of life quality. By putting themselves into the voluntary service of new media technologies, they gain
more media freedom. For the maximisation of this yet unbound productivity, the access to the means of production needs to be as universal and open as possible.

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