Riding the top of the gaussian curve of social consensus production, the power user does not mark any source of originality, but serves as a redirector, a filter, aplimplifier, repeater, reporter and commentator of actualities. Travelling possibility space, she is processing and commenting upon news, in collaboration with other power users, as a fabrication of facts, to cover the structural uncertainty of the media society, e.g. the social risk to fall off the edges or stay behind.

She says: ‘I post so I am’, frequently actualising her binary existence by publishing and posting, so more links go to and from her name and address. The power user dreams of the singularity of the author, which she gave up for a passion for engineering. Interestingly, the cross referencing of digital citation coincides with a growing production of books and papers, as if the material carrier would provide a better insurance against future memory loss and individual disappearance.

The accumulative result of panic publishing is the establishment of a radical mediocrity in intellectual production, where more and more redundant work is produced for the mere sake of the legitimation of the authors.

In this process of constant enclosures, the new author turns into a journalist of everything, an entrepreneur with himself as the main product, a frequent chronicist of his own biography, an under-cover con-artist and encyclopaedic archive gardener who can be hired for anything which might generate temporary market interests.

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