Create Your Own Private Social Network

So how would you benefit from having your own Private Social Network? If you've ever asked "what do I do first" for mt internet marketing business then print this out and paste it on your wall. Your business begins now.

1) Put up a blog.
The easiest way to do this is to get a linux hosting plan with a mysql database and install Wordpress (http://www.Wordpress.org). You can upgrade and change the design of your blog for free, and the software is well supported so you can have an easy start to your business. You will able to host your blog with almost any hosting provider.

Begin by writing about your topic. If you've been sending and receiving emails to people about your topic, look there for ideas for your first posts. Or go look at other blogs on the topic and write your posts on the same subject.

2) Build a List
Once your blog is up and running on your site, add a subscription form to
your blog so that people can be notified when you post new articles to your site. Use Aweber at AweberAutoresponder.com to do this because they
have a system that will automatically email your list each time your blog is updated.

3) Write posts and Articles
Actually, don't write articles, but take some of your same blog posts, reformat them as articles, and then post them to article distributions sites like http://www.EzineArticles.com and http://www.GoArticles.com.
(See http://www.MarkPrefers.com/7dayebook for Jim Edwards excellent book on writing articles.)

4) Plan a Teleseminar
Plan a free teleseminar or do an interview on your topic. Invite the people on your mailing list to attend for Free. Have the recording edited and converted to MP3 files and posted for download.

5) Set up your store
You can use www.Clickbank.com if you don't have a merchant account, or even Paypal.com to cashier your sales. Both are a good match and work well with Aweber. And you'll need a website, too. You can get templates for all of the web pages you'll need in the Million Dollar Template at www.theMillionDollarTemplate.com.

6) Reuse and Repurpose
Have your teleseminar transcribed, and then take one or two page chunks of the transcript and turn them into more articles, blog posts, and autoresponder messages. One simple question and its answer are enough content for any of those.

Post the articles and blog posts, and add some to your post-sale autoresponder messages to encourage your buyers to get the most value out of your eleseminar.

7) Launch the work!
If you've been growing your list, once your sales page is up and running, an email to your list announcing that your audio product is ready will attract pre-qualified buyers who already know and like you.

Social Networks promote strong branding. For instance, when someone adds a member as a friend, sends them a comment on their journal, replies to their comments and sends them a private message, the member is sent e-mail notifications for all of these activities with your website's name. This keeps your website's name fresh in the users' minds. Since emails alerts prompt the users to positive social activity, the users don't mind receiving them. Members have the option to manage the frequency of email notifications.

It's not hard, but it does require persistence.

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