A key roll for the brand reputation manager

is to extend the company’s Internet presence both for the company Web sites and, significantly, beyond it. The more places where the brand is visible, the better. On-line PR is important and is a
contributor but is by no means the whole story.

Building a brand reputation is hard work. Few companies look upstream and downsteam to add to their brand presence. Providing stakeholders such as retailers, dealers, distributors with the means and incentive to add the company banner advertisement can deliver the brand message and easy access to the company site in a million different ways.

Retailers and business to business companies can look to the Web sites of their suppliers and ask for the inclusion of advertisements and banner ads to reach out to the supply chain audience. Suppliers in this sense can include everyone from a bank to a shrink wrap vendor.

The book seller Amazon is a brand which attracts a lot of visitors (6 million) and the auction houses (like Ebay, with 6 million) have big audiences too. They have a massive number of on-line marketing partners to draw netzines to their site. Below is an example of the Electrolux opportunity and demonstrates the point, literally, graphically.

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