Promotion Ambassadors

There are many forms of Internet marketing. Ambassador promotion is yet another. Many organisations have supporters and friends who put up Web sites about their products, services, ideals and campaigns.

This Kodak enthusiast is one of the millions of personal Web sites. They crop up everywhere. Chris lives in the Channel Isles. On the face of it, Kodak will be very happy to have such an enthusiast providing extra exposure world-wide. Of course this is an enthusiast and his Web site offers an opportunity to ensure that he continues to promote the brand through this Web presence.

A creative reputation manager will use such an opportunity to advance the brand as well as new (and mature) products. A good customer retention opportunity. On the other hand there is a problem.

Here is the Kodak brand, its logo and corporate identity being plagiarised on the Internet. It raises issues of trade mark and copyright. For some companies the solution will be to reach for the lawyers and attempt to have the logo removed. As we shall see, it happens. There tend to be tears.

Effective Internet reputation management can protect the reputation, rights and companies’ investment in corporate image and identity. It will also save a fortune on legal fees!

In this case, the alternative is for a customer oriented person to offer the ‘proper logo’ with its trademark symbol and some help with the site. A friend can become a real ambassador.

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