Effective sponsorship

offers a constant stream of visitors who have an endless fascination with the subjects and also provides constant data about the audience. One of the remarkable developments for the Web is the ability and capability of user's to multitask. The evidence of people buying while listening to streamed radio and television translates well to Internet sponsorship and the opportunities for retails sales are extensive.

Thus there are many good reasons why the Internet sponsorship should be an option for reputation development and they conform to most of the primary reasons why companies use sponsorship as a reputation management tool:

public awareness
corporate image
public perception
community involvement
financial relations
client entertainment
government relations
employee relations
compete with other companies
business relations
reach target market
brand positioning
increase sales
generate visibility
generate publicity
enhance ad campaign
avoid clutter
target specificity

The definitive Internet site covering the subject of sport sponsorship, its value and evaluation is 'Cyber Journal of Sport Marketing. Sport and cultural sponsorship on-line can be very creative and offers a lot of scope for many types of activity, co-operation with co-sponsors and the organisation being sponsored. One look at the sport of football on Yahoo will give an indication of the range of opportunities that exists in terms of sites where involvement can be developed.

Equally the Internet tools that can be deployed, such as interactive and database driven information can be really appealing.

On the one hand you have to be careful about who you sponsor both in terms of sport, arts, events and community sponsorship in order that your good name is maintained.
In addition, you have to take due regard of the companies that bear your banner advertisement or hyperlink.
The latter is not at all easy. It is simple for a Webmaster to add your hyperlink to his site. You have to monitor this happening and as necessary get it removed if it will adversely affect Internet reputation.

Furthermore, you will need to be active in promoting your, preferably interactive, presence on other sites especially those organisations you sponsor to enhance your virtual presence and your brand equity. The public relations industry is well aware of the value of endorsement (the nature of much press relations is based on the concept of media endorsement). On the Internet, endorsement through sponsorship, inter-related marketing and virtual presence building and management of who the company and its brand is associated with, is now an important element of reputation management.

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