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Opt-In Tips - The Most Compelling Offers
By Matt Callen
Published on 03/29/2007
The more contacts you have on your mailing list, the more potential customers you have. It’s been
reported that up to 10% of subscribers to a newsletter will be converted into a sale. Moreover, these people are beyond doubt interested in what you have to say. When done properly email marketing can become your one of your most powerful ways to generate sales.

How to add new addresses to your mailing list?

Your email list should only contain addresses for which people have willingly given you their contact info (i.e. “opt-in subscribers”) – anything else might be considered ‘spam’. Most email addresses are submitted to lists via a form on a web-site.

You can convince people to subscribe to your list in a variety ways, some more successful than others. Here are some of the most powerful means enticing incentives to offer your future opt-ins.

Offer a Free Newsletter
This has been proven to be the  best way to collect opt-in email addresses. If you offer to provide potential subscribers with information they need (and they don’t have to pay for) – information that they are looking for – they’ll be pleased to subscribe to your newsletter. These people want to know more about what you have to say! These are the people who are most likely to be open to future offers from you – once you have established a true relationship with them. It has been reported through rigorous research that up to fifty percent in sales can be generated from newsletter autoresponder follow-ups! It’s also been shown that offering free newsletters is the best way to increase your opt-in e-mail list.

Give away a free eBook
It’s a very effective way of getting more subscribers and growing your online sales. You need to make sure that the eBook is of quality information otherwise you might lose all your credibility with your subscriber. Your customer will see right through you if you give them a free ebook full of noisy information. You don’t want to lose these customers just because you were too lazy to write something of quality. Remember, these people are truly interested in what you have to offer them, so you don’t want to lose their interest right from the beginning. If you do this properly, you’ll see return visits from these loyal prospects. And you know what that means more sales for you!

Give away a series of Free Reports
If you mean to teach your visitors about something they are interested in, at no charge to them, you will not only be able to build your list quickly, but you’ll also boost your credibility as an expert in your subject. The best way to distribute free reports are via an auto-responder email software. You can set it up so your visitors will receive their reports on specified days of the week or month. You should also offer your subscribers the entire series of reports in exchange for their email address.

Offer a free article about a subject related to your service or product
This is a very powerful list-building tactic. Subscribers gained from articles are more predisposed to what you have to offer because they practically opt-in pre-sold. Plus, your credibility as an expert in your field has already been established. By offering information, which your visitors will find useful for free, you can get them to sign-up to your list (i.e. "Enter your email address here to receive your Free Guide").

Give away a Free Download
You can’t beat a free download of a “trial version” or demo  of software. If you’re selling software, this is the ideal incentive for your future opt-in.
Of course, since you collected their e-mail address when they downloaded the product, you’ll be able to offer them any special discounts on the ‘full version’ of your software just before the trial version expires.

There are no hard and fast rules about how you should hold or store your email list -- though online auto-responder services are great tools -- but it must contain the ability for people to unsubscribe (people must be able to request not to receive any further emails from you).

Without a doubt, the hands-down best, and most compelling opt-in offer is a Free Newsletter.You will not only get a truck-load of opt-ins, but you will also be able to expose them to yourcompany and your offer many times over the course of a few months!

Why YOUR Site Needs an Opt-In Mailing List

You may be afraid about asking your potential customers for their email addresses. And this is quite understandable. I was the same way. Like you, I didn’t want my visitors to think that I was snooping into their privacy. And these days, people are becoming increasingly wary about handing over their email addresses to just anyone.

But there's a gold mine of opportunity in those e-mail addresses, and many marketers don't take the time to look for it. In this article I’ll show you why an opt-in email list is so important to your business.

So many unsuccessful websites simply do not mess with creating an email list. And this is why a lot of them fail. It’s sad to hear about a business owner who spent a small fortune driving traffic to their websites but the sales just didn’t come like expected.

It’s a fact that hardly anyone ever buys anything the first time they visit a web site. Studies have determined that it takes a typical Internet customer about five to seven visits to a single website before they buy anything. If you’re just depending on hits alone, you’re in trouble.

The number one reason for collecting e-mail addresses — and using them — is for establishing an electronic, permission-based, relationship with loyal visitors and customers. It would seem that the practical benefit of collecting e-mail addresses is obvious. Yet conversations with novice marketers indicate that many not only do not collect them but hardly use them even when they do. That's a shame.

Collecting e-mail addresses should be a no-brainer in an Internet-enabled market. E-mail is so commonplace and pervasive that its existence and use are many times taken for granted.