Cybersavvy Stakeholders

This returns us to the need to implement company wide belief in corporate mission, standards and objectives. To have an effective outward presence, managers need to look inside their organisation to secure commitment among their own stakeholders.

In many ways, the Internet provides its own solution with the availability of Intranets, which, if attractive, instructive, helpful and appealing offer excellent means to communicate at every level at the kind of speed the Internet demands.

The nature of companies with effective Intranets is that its application also makes the company more porous and this level of transparency has its drawbacks. That there is confidential information in every company goes without saying. Clarity in explaining why it is confidential and the consequences of such information in the wrong hands to fellow stakeholders needs to be articulated to all.

In this way, the company creates its own defences and the virtual communities within the company become substantially self regulating.

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