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PPC Myth 1 - You Must Have Your Own Website
By Michael D.
Published on 09/26/2007
People who earn the most income and have the deepest sense of satisfaction online are what he calls "Free agents". As an affiliate, you can leave
all the 'dirty work' to the site owner.

As an affiliate, you can leave all the 'dirty work' to the site owner

You won't need to create products, handle customer service matters, stay up worrying about
whether your site is accessible, or the thousand other hassles that come with site ownership.

All you do is promote and cash the checks. Sweet!

And how can you best promote any affiliate program you join?

Pay Per Click of course!

Here's how it works.

First, ask your affiliate manager on which keywords they place bids. You don't want to bid against them, of course, and you won't have to using this strategy. If they don't have a list of words to give you, it's no problem at all. Just go to step #2.

Second, go to their website and see what keywords they use in their web copy. You can do this in most cases by right clicking the page or selecting View Source in your browser's pull down
menu. Now add to this list any words you would use to describe the product or service.

INSIDER TIP: Don't forget common misspellings of words. One Ad  Word Analyzer client discovered that people were misspelling the word ezine as enzine and made a killing buying clicks for the misspelled word. He literally had no competition.

Third, make a list of all the keywords that are close, but don't match, the keywords that you got from the affiliate program manager or from looking at the product website. You bid on these keywords! With little competition, the bidding will be cheap.

INSIDER TIP: Ad Word Analyzer helps you zero in on these low-cost keywords by showing you a complete keyword list as well as how many campaigns are running on both Google and Overture for each keyword or phrase. What a time saver!

Finally, go to Google and bid on the low-cost keywords you just uncovered. Use your affiliate link when plaing the ads, and presto, instant traffic to your affiliate link!

Of all the methods that super-successful people use to market online, Pay Per Click advertising is always one of their top choices. Some 'gurus' use PPC as their main marketing method!

In fact, here's what Joe Vitale said about Ad Word Analyzer...

"Here's a new way to find hidden gold online: Jeff's Ad Word Analyzer helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition. It also shows the supply and demand for all of your keywords.

Are you getting highly targeted prospects to click YOUR affiliate links? You can do that beginning today by using Ad Word Analyzer.