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PPC Myth 2 - Pay Per Click Is Expensive
By Michael D.
Published on 09/26/2007
Here's a fact that no one can deny. Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most cost effective methods of driving traffic to your website (or a site you promote as an affiliate) on the planet! After all, with PPC you only pay when an interested prospect clicks the link you want them to click! Now that's a bargain.

PPC can be very inexpensive.

After writing an ebook called "Secrets of a Successful Pro DJ", I advertised exclusively on Overture for the past year. Then, when I actually began using Ad Word Analyzer, I quickly realized just how much money I could save by advertising on Google!

Here's what I did...

Using Ad Word Analyzer, I ran a search for the keyword "dj". The results indicated there were 39 existing Overture campaigns but ONLY 3 Google AdWords campaigns!

I knew I had found my opportunity!

The fourth bidder on Overture was paying (and probably still is) a whopping $.40 a click! With the results I was looking at through Ad Word Analyzer, I knew right away I could bid a mere $.05 a click and be listed in the same position on Google.

That would give me an INSTANT savings of $.35 a click, and mean I could get TARGETED visitors to my site for only 5 cents a click! Now I don't know your situation or how much you can afford to spend. But I'm willing to say this. You just won't find a better bargain than getting TARGETED visitors to your site for 5 cents each!

Remember, these people have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. That means they are pre-qualified to buy what you sell. No more wasting time with junk traffic that will never be interested in your offer. Now you are zeroing in on your perfect target market.

Who is your perfect target market? Students looking for a low-cost student loan? People wanting to make money online? Perhaps hey are folks looking for skydiving lessons. With Pay Per Click, you can reach ALL of these people and more or pennies per visitor! You can reach literally ANY market using PC because over 85% of people who go to a website do so based on aving searched by keywords!

I believe in PPC. Let me encourage you to begin your Pay Per lick marketing now. Ad Word Analyzer will help you do more in ess time. In fact, here's what Jeremy Wilson, author of the
best-selling '#1 Resource for Google' and a recognized Google xpert had to say about Ad Word Analyzer.