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We Want Sales Now
By Michael Grant
Published on 09/26/2007

If you are like me, you're tired of getting all excited about the latest and greatest marketing method only to be disappointed when you discover that it won't work for you, it takes three months to see results or you have to put in a full-time effort to begin making sales. This is the Internet: we want sales now!

Pay Per Click advertising is the nr 1 method

for getting targeted visitors to your website NOW... which ALWAYS means more sales!

We've actually had clients begin their PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and get traffic (and make sales) the same day!

Let's talk for a moment about how much time it takes to set up a good PPC campaign. I can't cover every detail in this report, but I'll try to be thorough about the key steps.

Here are the things you'll need to succeed with PPC.

  1. You'll need an account at a Pay Per Click search engine like Google or Overture.
  2. You will need a list of keywords on which you want to bid.
  3. You will need to write an ad for your product or service.
  4. You will need to know how much you want to spend on each keyword.

Once you have these things in place, you simply visit the PPC of your choice and bid on the keywords that interest you. You can
tell the PPC how much you want to spend and they will send traffic to your site until that amount is reached. After the PPC
has sent enough traffic your way to use up the funds you gave them, your listing simply won't show and you won't be charged.

The beauty here is that you ONLY pay when someone clicks through to your site or affiliate link!

Where some people think that PPC can be time consuming is in the selection of keywords. Here, as with all things, there are

One key is to be organized. You could use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel for this. Just put the keywords themselves on the
left row and make columns for all the information you want to track. You might want to keep up with things like how many
searches are done on a specific keyword. Another factor to track is how many results those keywords create when searched on.

If you use this spreadsheet every time you visit the PPC engines, over time you will build a powerful resource specific to your

INSIDER TIP: The more you know about the keywords you bid on the better. Ad Word Analyzer keeps track of how many searches are done per keyword, how many results display from those searches, how many Google and Overture campaigns are being run based on these keywords and more.

Best of all, Ad Word Analyzer helps you understand how much to bid based on these results!

Remember, Ad Word Analyzer is getting these results live from the Web when you run the program. This means you only work with current data, which is vital to your success.

Did you know that Ad Word Analyzer will export your list of keywords? After you use Ad Word Analyzer to do your keyword
research, you choose if you want the file as a CSV (for use with spreadsheets like Excel), a text file, or an HTML file suitable
for the web!

With Ad Word Analyzer, you not only save time and save money, you also get to work the way YOU like to work.

Don't you deserve the best tool for the job? Forget switching  between endless windows and wondering if you have found the best keywords at the best price. Use Ad Word Analyzer and KNOW that you've done the deep research needed to uncover those rich opportunities just waiting to be exploited.