The Investor Sites

The internet has een a boom to corporate America and has brought millions of people investment opportunities unheard of two or three years ago. It is a shame that the London Stock Exchange has such a stuffy site. Nice picture of the London skyline though.

Managing investor relations in the UK has long required an internet page or more devoted to Investors and shareholder issues. These pages, designed for institutional investors are, of course exciting.

In the interactive age, when people need information in about eight seconds from finding the site, all the references from the LSE take one immediately to the Investor Relations page of every company.

This page, explaining the significant benefits of adding the company’s stock to one’s portfolio is interesting, informative and offers all manner of aids in making a decision and for buying and selling its shares. Alternatively, the truth is that there is no hyperlink from the London Stock Exchange at all. It is a market that does not want its members to be known.

All financial institutions and Investor relations experts are in an information race. Having available information round the clock for international audiences is now critical.

The financial bureaucracies like the LSE, are so far behind the average teenager in ability to acquire and provide information and to communicate that they may not be able to catch up. NASDAQ, now old in Internet terms showed one way forward. Its site is brash and exiting compared to LSE. There is much to do.

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