Unblockable PopUp tools for your email marketing campaign

Is starting a newsletter hard? Does it take a lot of time and money to start an email marketing campaign? No, not at all. You simply have to have a few of the right resources and the drive to get started. And trust me, once you begin, everything gets easier.

Managing your email marketing campaign should always be as automated as possible. The most difficult part is not writing the newsletter information, creating special offers, or maintaining your email list. The hardest part is actually building that list of targeted subscribers! Let’s say that you’re going to offer a free newsletter along with a “bonus eBook” of your choice. Sounds like a great idea to me.

You’ve written quality information (remember, your newsletter must be of high-quality, or your visitors will see right through you), developed a great marketing statement to grab the attention of your visitor, and you’re now ready to present this offer to your future subscriber. What next? How are you going to maximize your opt-in subscribers?

Your first plan of action should be to use pop-up ads. You’ve learned about the raw power of Pop-ups, and their ability to increase opt-in subscribers by up to 10 times and to convert 30-40% of website visitors into subscribers. This is certainly the best, most well-researched and proven concept for maximizing your opt-ins. But don’t forget about those darned pop-up blockers. Not a problem. While pop-up blockers have designed a way to defeat the conventional pop-ups, there’s a new defence. While the innovation of unblockable popovers is a great thing in itself, Instant PopOVER also creates ads with professional and attention-grabbing styles.

And now you can take advantage of the “Post-it-Note”-style design. This exciting new technology lets you create pop-up style ads on your homepage that grab your visitors’ attention even more than a conventional pop-up. This is because, while standard pop-ups all act the same, you can actually program Instant PopOvers to behave in ways that really draw your visitors’ attention. Imagine having an Instant PopOver that suddenly drops down from the top of your browser window and floats in before coming to a stop in the middle of your screen. That’s just one of five different eye-catching styles you can use to make your opt-in offer literally leap off the screen. And because Instant PopOvers are actually part of your homepage, they aren’t considered to be an actual pop-up, so they’re completely ignored by the growing number of pop-up blockers out there.

Instant PopOVER walks you through each step with its user-friendly "wizard-like" guide. All you have to know is how to do is click "Next", decide on your customized features, and copy/paste the finalized HTML code into your website. Even if you're not real familiar with HTML, you'll have no problem with creating popovers. Instant PopOVER explains everything to you in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner. With Instant PopOVER's user-friendly, five-step creation process, you don't have to know a single thing about programming. It will take you by the hand and show you exactly where to ‘point-and-click’ your mouse. I won’t go into the details of each step, but what I will do is give you a picturesque idea about the customizable settings you can add to your personalized popover.

Decide on your Instant PopOver settings from a large list of creative, customizable options. With Instant PopOVER you get the opportunity to choose your popover size, where your popover will "appear" on the webpage, its title, window color settings, header settings, and more. The timer-delay option is an incredible way to maximize the reaction from every PopOver by setting them to appear at the exact moment your surfer is ready to buy.

Have your popovers appear on page load, after 2 secs, 10 secs, 30, 45, 60, 120...you name it. With all these features it's GUARANTEED to boost your opt-in list and sales. I find it almost impossible to employ an effective email marketing campaign without my trusty popovers. To be completely honest, I can’t afford not to have them, simply because the oldschool pop-ups I used to use aren’t reaching my visitors anymore.

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