How to Get Mailing List Subscribers Using Pop Up and Pop Over Ads

Incorporating the traditional pop-up ads into your marketing plan simply does not work anymore. But the proven concept of pop-ups remains to be very powerful at generating more opt-in subscribers to your email list.

If you properly and responsibly use popovers on your website, over the course of a few weeks, I can guarantee you’ll boost your opt-in list and in effect should increase your sales. It works, and it works extremely well.

It takes a typical Internet customer about seven visits to a single website before they buy anything. If you’re just depending on hits alone, you’re in trouble. Opt-in subscribers are your most loyal customers. Treat them accordingly.

Attractive opt-in offer examples

  • Free Newsletter
  • Free eBook or eCourse
  • Free article
  • Free series of reports
  • Free Download
  • Run a Contest
  • Have a “Member’s only site”
  • Run a Survey/Poll

Creating a Free Newsletter is the best offer and easiest way to increase your sales with opt-ins. Determine how to attractively and most effectively present your offer to your visitor – thus maximizing your opt-ins.

Pop-up Ads

  • Increase the value of your offer
  • Sprinkle more opt-in boxes throughout your salesletter
  • Include an email signature
  • Include a “Send To a Friend” option
  • Promote your newsletter in articles or industry directories. Every time you sell your product, capture your visitors’ email address. Write down your plan for increasing your opt-in subscribers. What strategies will you use? How will you use them?

Pop-up Ads are the most powerful marketing tool for boosting opt-in subscribers.
Although the other methods work, they should NOT be your primary means of capturing visitor
email addresses. Pop-up ads are researched and proven to be the most effective means of grabbing opt-ins.

Most Effective Ways to Use Pop-Ups

  • Entry Pop-ups
  • Exit Pop-ups
  • Delayed-timer pop-ups
  • Opt-In Offer Pop-ups
  • “Special Offer” Pop-ups
  • Free Information Pop-ups
  • “Run a contest” Pop-ups
  • Survey / Polls Pop-ups

The concept of pop-up ads works incredibly well. It is capable of increasing opt-ins by up to 10 times!

Pop-up blocking software is available (free) to all Internet users. It’s now capable of stealing most all of your future opt-ins by blocking your pop-up offers

Be ready to adapt to the changing Internet world. Consistently look for innovative ways to market your opt-in offer. Rely on proven concepts, but be adaptable to increased technology.

That’s the basics that you MUST do to maximize your profits through email marketing and opt-ins.
There are other advanced tools and marketing strategies I'll teach you later in future lessons, but
by doing the things I’ve outlined in this course, I can guarantee you that you will see an enormous
increase in your opt-ins and in turn, your sales.

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