Ten people out of every 100 newletter subscriber will buy

That’s enough to make me want to send out newsletters! But there are a few things that you have to be cautious of when preparing your newsletter. If you want to rake in the ALL of the financial benefits possible, you need to follow the tips below. Trust me, there’s an art to creating a thriving, profitable newsletter.

There’s no doubt about it – a free newsletter is your best source of generating a list of subscribers you can send promotions to in the future! But how should you go about delivering your message to your potential customers without coming off as a huge advertisement billboard? Because so many of us are already overwhelmed by the daily flood of email, your newsletter will need to be much more than just ads for your products. Including informative articles, interviews, or other information may help entice your subscribers to actually open and read your newsletter. Light “plugs” in the body of your newsletter aren’t a bad idea, but remember that your subscribers are looking for quality information – not a salesletter…that’s what your webpage is for.

To increase your sales and get the most out of your newsletter, we highly recommend following the tips listed on the next chapter.

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