Ways to entice visitors to sign-up to your list

There’s no doubt about it, there are good ways to entice visitors to “sign-up” and there are worthless marketing strategies that simply do not work. I’ve given you a list of very effective and compelling opt-in offers, but there are still many additional strategies to help boost your list. The opt-in offers I spoke of earlier (like free newsletter, free reports, download, etc…) are simply proposals. Giving them what they want, works. But what are the best ways to go about promoting your newsletter and special offers?

How can you make these offers more visible to your potential subscribers? Of course, you need to provide alluring offers, but there are other marketing tools that will make your promotion more visible and appealing to your potential subscribers – thus increasing the odds that they will opt-in on your offer.
There’s a large array of strategies that well-known Internet marketers have proven to be successful. I have compiled together a “Top Ten” list of the best ways to fatten your opt-in list, and actually get your visitors to “sign-up”. These tactics have been researched by the most recognized marketers on the Internet and have been proven very successful at skyrocketing lists of loyal opt-in subscribers.

Tip 1. Use Pop-up Ads with opt-in forms to collect email addresses and promote your compelling offer.

There’s a reason that I listed this strategy as #1. If you ask any good Internet marketer, they will tell you that THE single biggest way to increase your opt-in subscriber list is to use pop-ups. Many times visitors find these ads annoying, but it has been proven that pop-up ads are 13 times MORE effective at generating clicks and opt-in subscribers than standard banners and forms found imbedded in a webpage. This is a very powerful way to present your newsletter or other free incentives. It ensures that your visitors will see your offer right upfront. Without a doubt, this is the most recommended means of creating a compelling and visible offer to your customers.

Tip 2: Increase the value of your offer. Continues on the next page.

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