Tip 4. Have a ?Members Only? area on your site

You can fill this section of your site with whatever your target market might find most interesting and valuable. You can offer downloadable articles that can only be accessed by “members”.

To increase your odds of getting opt-in subscribers, you should make it FREE to become a member, asking for the email address of your visitor and redirecting him to the area where he can find the material he signed up for. A member's are will also increase your site's credibility and help you build a stronger relationship with your visitors.

Build a list, build a relationship with that list by providing mind-blowing, over-the-top content, give them a free report or product and show them that you're a genuine human being that really cares about them, and you'll have them fighting at your virtual door wanting to buy your products or services.

Tip 5. Sprinkle more opt-in boxes in your sales letter. Continues on the next page.

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