Tip 5. Sprinkle more opt-in boxes in your sales letter

If you have a sales page with a single salesletter, you should ideally have one opt-in box on top, one in the middle, one three-quarters of the way down, and one right at the bottom. This way, you have four chances of getting the opt-in. A good thing to do is to exchange the first, top opt-in box with a pop-up ad, and then keep the placement of the other three boxes as described above.

If your landing page or your online sales page is not long enough then you can go for 3 opt-in boxes either. But try to give as many iformation as possible to your visitors, so your prospects may turn in customers.

Don't forget the idea of the first impression. If the first impression is bad, it is almost impossible to change it afterwards. But another way round, if it is good, the visit experience will be good, which will lead to more subscriptions to your newsletter.

Tip 6. Include an E-mail Signature. Continues on the next page.

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