Busting the Myth: "Pop-up Ads Are Not Working"

Before we start, let’s do first a bit of myth busting.
Myth: Pop-up Ads Are A Nuisance and Do NOT Work.

We have all encountered lots of irritating pop-up ads over the past few years of surfing the web. You’re bound to run into a site that delivers you an extremely ridiculous pop-up advertisement – one that has nothing to do with the content of the site.

Evidently, these pop-ups will by no means be effective at rising click-throughs. All they will do is drive away the visitors. Examples might include golfing sites, music lyrics or holiday sites.

These website owners are using their pop-ups carelessly. Think about it: who that is looking for fishing equipment would opt-in on a pop-up ad selling lawn services?

You would be surprised with what various website owners are doing with their pop-ups. Some of them have been given an opportunity to advertise for a another business (possibly another company that the same individual owns) and they decide to waste their precious pop-ups with these absurd ads - in this case, a fishing site is advertising for lawn equipment.

It’s all okay to advertise for another website, but there is completely no reason for the fishing site owner to loose his pop-up advertisements on lawn gear – and in turn, annoy any visitor looking for fishing equipment. This wont work in terms of “click-throughs” and sales, and the fishing site will certainly drive away its potential customer who truly want to buy fishing stuff.

The owners of these sites are the ones who are giving the rest of us, who properly use pop-ups, a bad image. Experienced internet marketers would never do that. It’s those irresponsible website owners that have turned the ‘once well-liked pop-up’ into a nuisance for many people. These sites are simply not using pop-ups properly and maturely. And it’s a pitty that the’s this negative hype about pop-ups when it’ a fact that they work, if properly used.

If a site’s visitors are irritated by all pop-ups, why are so many well-known and recognized Internet marketers still using them? According to Nielson Netratings (a first class online statistics resource), in the last 2 years, the number of pop-ups delivered to web users has more than tripled.

The truth is, the concept of pop-ups works. Any good webmarketer will tell you they are a very powerful tool for constantly increasing your sales and dramatically boosting the number of new subscribers to your newsletter, creating loyal buyers of your services or products.

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