Mastering the Art of Pop-Up Marketing

Just as everything else in Internet marketing, there is an art to these ads on your site. You don’t want them to be “popping up” all over the place – obviously that’d be extremely disturbing and annoying to your visitor, and you would lose your possibility of geting their email address right from the start.

The problem doesn't lie in the theory and validity of the power of pop-ups. As marketers, we love the capabilities of them! Research shows that they work. Pop-ups are ten times more effective at generating clicks and opt-in subscribers than standard banners. The problem that Internet users face is not the pop-ups themselves, but how they are used. As I’m sure you’re familiar, email spamming is another pain on the Internet. So just as spammers have made email marketing more complicated for the rest of us, the unfair misuse of pop-ups have given them a ‘bad wrap’. The rock-solid truth is, when used correctly, pop-up ads can significantly increase your opt-in list, help successfully promote your services and boost sales at the same time.

There is a strategy of using pop ups that will not annoy your website visitors and will without a doubt help you in a variety of ways in the long run. Impossible, you say? No! If you apply a pop up correctly, your visitors will not be irritated at all. Let's face it: most of those who put pop ups on their sites are doing it the wrong way.

Below is a list of proven pop-up techniques for any marketer’s site.

Free Information Pop-ups

Everybody loves free information! This is a ideal way to promote your Free download, e-Book, e-Course, white paper, and so on. Include a ‘sign-up’ form within your pop-up ad to ensure an increased opt-in list.

Opt-In Offer Pop-ups

You should include some sort of “sign-up” offer with any pop-up ad you decide to use. This is the most powerful when you use an offer for a free newsletter. Your guest is most likely interested in your website info, so don’t miss out on the chance to capture
their email address with a Free Newsletter Opt-In Pop-up.

Special Offer Pop-ups

If you’re running a special price cut on a product, this is a very valuable way of capturing the visitors’ attention. If at all possible, try to get your visitors’ email address with this “special offer”.

Contest Pop-ups

This one is quite tricky to use with pop-up ads, though it can be very useful. Many times visitors will find a ‘contest pop-up ad’ a bit annoying. If you settle on to use this tactic, be cautious not to turn your visitors away because it takes them longer than a minute to register for your contest.

Survey/Polls Pop-ups

If you're running a survey on your website, a pop-up can be a clever way to ask visitors to take part, and then lead them through your questions. When they're done, the original window they started on will still be visble and they won't have lost their place. At the end of the survey, be sure to ask them if they would like the results of your poll to be sent to them via email. Once again, another great way to get your visitors’ email.

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