How to use pop-up ads

You never want to have more than one pop up window. Nothing makes a surfer madder than having two or three windows open up and possibly crash their browser in the process. You can even set it up so that only first time visitors see the pop up window. By using a script that sets a cookie you can make sure that your popup never appears to the same user more than once. So let's see how to apply them responsibly.

Entry Pop-ups

These pop-up ads show as visitors open your website or webpage. By using an ad as soon as the surfer arrives at your website, you will surely grab their attention right from the beginning. If you choose to use entry pop-ups use a script that sets a cookie, ensuring that your pop-up doesn’t appear to the same user multiple times (you can usually set the amount of times the pop-up will appear to each user).

Exit Pop-ups

The name basically explains what they do. They appear as a visitor exits your site. These are a great way to say to your visitors “Before you go, here’s one more offer to opt in”
Delayed Timer Pop-ups

These are pretty interesting little marketing tools. You can design a pop-up ad to show a certain length of time after a surfer comes to your site. This allows your visitor to check out your site first, without being slightly broken up by an entry pop-up ad. It will give them time to “browse” before you make an offer to them.

As you can see, there are quite a few places where you can make a mistake and turn a future opt-in into an irritated visitor. But employing these suggeste techniques and strategies, and take advantage of the technology available to customize these ads for your visitors, pop-ups continue to be an excellent way to increase your opt-in e-mail list as well as your sales. It’s been researched and proven – Pop-up advertisements will help to boost your opt-in subscriber list…guaranteed!

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