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Pop-Up Blockers - How to Turn the Table in the Ever-Changin Internet
By Matt Callen
Published on 06/19/2007
In any kind of marketing challenge you either adapt and move on, or you die standing still. Don’t let popup blocker technology stop you from using the most powerful marketing tool for rising your “oh so valuable” email list.

Mistakes as part of the learning experience

It’s quite an exciting experience when after trying a new idea it actually works. To be quite honest, it’s a rather addicting feeling to see the unbelievable results after trying a new marketing strategy. No matter if it’s a plain idea that I came up with myself, or a tip that I read in a marketing forum, I get very excited when I see constructive outcomes.

Of course this doesn’t at all times happen. More often than not, I undergo what I like to call a “learning experience”. While running your company on the Internet, you’re bound to have these “learning experiences”. But don’t think of them as mistakes or ‘negative results’ – because they are far from it! Every good Internet marketer has gone through learning phases. So don’t expect everything to go just right because it won’t. However, when a new idea works, the paybacks are usually huge!

We mentioned in the prevoius article one of the most recent, shattering blows to Internet marketers. The unfortunate introduction of the Pop-Up Blocking Software.

But in any kind of marketing endeavor you either adapt and move on, or you die standing still. Don’t let technology stop you from using the most powerful marketing tool for rising your “oh so valuable” email list. The point here is not to feel sorry for ourselves and bad-mouth Google, Yahoo or Microsoft for building pop-up blockers. Instead, our goal is to consistently look for for new ways to develop our marketing plan. And you’ll find that most of the time, all we have to do is adjust our marketing
approach by adoptinh new technology.

I sat down in front of my computer and stumbled across some statistics about pop-up blocking software.

  • Over 8 million unique users visit Google each month - giving all of them access to their Free Pop-Up Blocking Software!
  • AOL now provides its 24 million subscribers with pop-up blocking software
  • 95 percent of all internet users surf with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, now available with a free built-in pop-up blocker
  • 5.4 million internet users subscribe to Earthlink – the first service to offer pop-up blocking programs
  • Over 2 milion users downloaded Yahoo's pop-up blocking toolbar from Download.com. And this doesn't even include the auto-installations of the toolbar every time a user installs Yahoo Messenger!
  • The "Pop up blocker" search term was queried over 500000 times on Overture in one month alone.

These stats might ‘scare’ you. And they’re here to tell you that the pop-up ads of old are no longer as useful like they used to be. But it's clear that the trouble is not in the idea of whether or not a popup will work successfully for your site. Rather, the problem lies in the evolution of Internet technology. So let’s evolve with it.

How To Get Opt-In Subscribers To Your List

First of all, the best way to get opt-in subscribers to your newsletter (which will in turn give you huge advantages with your email marketing) is to place your offer right at the top of your homepage. Your subscription box has to be immediately visible on the first screen. This is where you'll get the best response and the most subscribers.

Your goal should be to make sure that every visitor of your site has the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter at least once, if not twice. Hopefully, you’ve been making your newsletter offer most visible with pop-ups – and if so, I highly predict that you’ve been seeing the benefits (at least before pop-up blockers came along). Since pop-up blocking programs now are blinding your visitors from the subscription offer, what are you supposed to do?

Here are some other ways to build your e-mail list and promote your newsletter.

  • Every time you sell a product, capture your customer's email address
  • Have a “Members Only” area on your site
  • Use Co-Registrations
  • Include an E-mail Signature
  • Sprinkle more opt-in boxes in your sales letter
  • Promote Your Newsletter in Ezines, Articles, or Industry Directories
  • Include “Send to a Friend” Options
  • Run contests on your website

These are all good strategies, and you should definitely use as many as you can – but all of these tips combined have nowhere near the opt-in capabilities as pop-ups!

After the growth of pop-up blockers, many Internet marketers started to extremely encourage their newsletters and opt-in subscriptions by using these precise techniques listed above. Since their pop-ups were essentially lacking anymore, they were working harder than always to have their opt-in subscription pace backwards to where it was prior to the introduction of pop-up blocking software. The recognition, however, is that the conception of pop-ups make. Using pop-ups is a proven scheme for increasing opt-ins (many times, up to 10 times. So why should we get off from using the proven “conception”? The marketing rule is not the trouble; it’s the growth of pop-up blockers that’s slowing us down.

Instant PopOVER - the pop-over

While pop-up blockers have designed to overcome the traditional pop-ups, there’s an original defense that you should know about. It’s a software plan called Instant PopOVER, and known Internet marketers are using it to have their pop-ups imperceptible and 100% unblockable to pop-up blocking software.

I don't know about you, but I’d often quite take a proved maketing scheme – with an added spin of original engineering – than trying to produce a completely original conception from scratch. To me, it just makes sense to take all of the new resources accessible to fight any problems I have with my Internet business.

As discussed in the previous article, there is an art to using pop-up ads on your site, and when done properly you will see very effective results.

Here’s a review of the most effective ways to use pop-up ads:

  • Free Information Pop-ups 
  • Opt-In Offer Pop-ups
  • “Special Offer” Pop-ups
  • Contest Pop-ups
  • Survey/Polls Pop-ups
  • Entry Pop-ups
  • Exit Pop-ups
  • Delayed-timer pop-ups

To get the most out of your pop-up you must use them responsibly. Well…the same principle applies to PopOvers.

But instead of using conventional, boring pop-up ads, that probably will not be seen by your visitors, imagine having a pop-up that instantly “drops in” from the side of your browser window and ‘bounces’ before coming to the center of your page. Wouldn't that catch your eye? When I first saw these popovers, I was hooked. Their power to seize my attention was unbelievable. Another intriguing popover that Instant PopOVER creates is one of my favorites – the XP-style Window PopOver. It acts just like the classical window and has the look of a XP Window - it's really efficient since most of today's Internet users have Microsoft™ Windows XP. It allows me to talk to my visitors with a window that they're already really familiar with.

Like I’ve been saying over and over again “People don't like change" - and this is the ideal way to combat it. This popover was surely very nice-looking and attentiongrabbing. Not only do popovers have more features and capabilities than pop-ups, they also have the exact same weight on increasing subscribers and promoting special offers. This technology actually lets you use ads that look like pop-ups and behave like pop-ups, but that are NOT pop-ups -- so they don't get blocked.