How To Get Opt-In Subscribers To Your List

First of all, the best way to get opt-in subscribers to your newsletter (which will in turn give you huge advantages with your email marketing) is to place your offer right at the top of your homepage. Your subscription box has to be immediately visible on the first screen. This is where you'll get the best response and the most subscribers.

Your goal should be to make sure that every visitor of your site has the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter at least once, if not twice. Hopefully, you’ve been making your newsletter offer most visible with pop-ups – and if so, I highly predict that you’ve been seeing the benefits (at least before pop-up blockers came along). Since pop-up blocking programs now are blinding your visitors from the subscription offer, what are you supposed to do?

Here are some other ways to build your e-mail list and promote your newsletter.

  • Every time you sell a product, capture your customer's email address
  • Have a “Members Only” area on your site
  • Use Co-Registrations
  • Include an E-mail Signature
  • Sprinkle more opt-in boxes in your sales letter
  • Promote Your Newsletter in Ezines, Articles, or Industry Directories
  • Include “Send to a Friend” Options
  • Run contests on your website

These are all good strategies, and you should definitely use as many as you can – but all of these tips combined have nowhere near the opt-in capabilities as pop-ups!

After the growth of pop-up blockers, many Internet marketers started to extremely encourage their newsletters and opt-in subscriptions by using these precise techniques listed above. Since their pop-ups were essentially lacking anymore, they were working harder than always to have their opt-in subscription pace backwards to where it was prior to the introduction of pop-up blocking software. The recognition, however, is that the conception of pop-ups make. Using pop-ups is a proven scheme for increasing opt-ins (many times, up to 10 times. So why should we get off from using the proven “conception”? The marketing rule is not the trouble; it’s the growth of pop-up blockers that’s slowing us down.

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