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While pop-up blockers have designed to overcome the traditional pop-ups, there’s an original defense that you should know about. It’s a software plan called Instant PopOVER, and known Internet marketers are using it to have their pop-ups imperceptible and 100% unblockable to pop-up blocking software.

I don't know about you, but I’d often quite take a proved maketing scheme – with an added spin of original engineering – than trying to produce a completely original conception from scratch. To me, it just makes sense to take all of the new resources accessible to fight any problems I have with my Internet business.

As discussed in the previous article, there is an art to using pop-up ads on your site, and when done properly you will see very effective results.

Here’s a review of the most effective ways to use pop-up ads:

  • Free Information Pop-ups 
  • Opt-In Offer Pop-ups
  • “Special Offer” Pop-ups
  • Contest Pop-ups
  • Survey/Polls Pop-ups
  • Entry Pop-ups
  • Exit Pop-ups
  • Delayed-timer pop-ups

To get the most out of your pop-up you must use them responsibly. Well…the same principle applies to PopOvers.

But instead of using conventional, boring pop-up ads, that probably will not be seen by your visitors, imagine having a pop-up that instantly “drops in” from the side of your browser window and ‘bounces’ before coming to the center of your page. Wouldn't that catch your eye? When I first saw these popovers, I was hooked. Their power to seize my attention was unbelievable. Another intriguing popover that Instant PopOVER creates is one of my favorites – the XP-style Window PopOver. It acts just like the classical window and has the look of a XP Window - it's really efficient since most of today's Internet users have Microsoft™ Windows XP. It allows me to talk to my visitors with a window that they're already really familiar with.

Like I’ve been saying over and over again “People don't like change" - and this is the ideal way to combat it. This popover was surely very nice-looking and attentiongrabbing. Not only do popovers have more features and capabilities than pop-ups, they also have the exact same weight on increasing subscribers and promoting special offers. This technology actually lets you use ads that look like pop-ups and behave like pop-ups, but that are NOT pop-ups -- so they don't get blocked.

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