Buy And Sell Busineses

You wouldn't believe how hard to accomplish and how rare the classic American success story is. I would estimate that for every 30 people who start with nothing, maybe one makes it – maybe. I was that one. I emigrated from Romania about 20 years ago, and since then I have been working tirelessly to get my business start up going. I never made it rich, but I definitely have arrived at a comfortable place in my life – a place where I can provide luxuries for my kids that I never had growing up. So when I found out that there was another, easier way to make money, I was pretty surprised

I have a friend who offered to buy my business for quite a bit of money – more than I think it was worth. When I asked him why, he was hesitant to tell me at first, but finally he leveled with me. Apparently, his business is to buy and sell business operations. He never runs them, but he makes a huge amount of money off of them. When he first explained it to me, I thought it was some kind of strange joke. This friend, you see, has always had a peculiar sense of humor. But he explained that the buy and sell business career is actually much more straightforward than I would think.

The business buy and sell trade is almost as old as the corporation itself, if not older. As a matter of fact, buying and selling businesses was instrumental in the rise of the giant megacorporations that now dominate so much of world commerce. On the high end, investors get together and pool their resources to buy and sell business by acquiring major shares in the boards of directors of prominent corporations. That way, they can gain economic control and reap the benefits of the work these businesses do, then sell them for a substantial profit. Small traders like my friend, however, can make a killing too. It is all matter of being there at the right time for the right deal.

You see, there are small businesses for sale every day. Perhaps they are family owned businesses and have to be quickly liquidated to raise capital for some type of emergency, or perhaps the owner has simply gotten sick of running the business and wants to retire. Whatever the case, a shrewd investor can buy and sell business operations and turn a substantial profit. Sometimes, my friend will rearrange the running of the business, invest in some marketing, or buy new equipment to make it more profitable. Just as often, however, he will not change anything. If you know the right people, you can buy and sell business making 50% profit or more!