Artilce Marketing

Internet marketing is a frantic business. Even if you read all of the Internet marketing articles, it is difficult to keep up with it. If you want to get into the Internet marketing business, you had better be dedicated. It is so frantic and so cutthroat that you must absolutely be sure that it is what you want to do. I don't care if you read every Internet marketing article that there is. I don't even care if you have written half of them. Unless you stay on top of your work constantly, you will fall hopelessly behind. With Internet marketing, you are flying free. You can soar high, but you can also crash and burn.

A lot of the Internet marketing articles start with SEO. Search engine optimization is good, but it is not the whole story. If it was, anyone who had read a few Internet marketing articles and had some time to type out some keyword optimized articles would have an equal advantage in the game. It would be a completely fair playing field, and as such, no one would be able to get ahead. This is not the case, however. Getting a good page rank rating, stopping your site from being banned, and having good business referrals are also important.

Then again, you can get so caught up in the Internet marketing articles about increasing Web traffic that you forget some other important things. All of the traditional marketing issues apply to Internet marketing articles. You need to come up with clever slogans, you need to be able to effectively brand your products, and you need to read enough marketing case studies. Things work differently on the Web, but it is a similar game. Without proper brand identity, it does not matter how many web hits you get. People still will not want to buy your product.

This is why Internet marketing is often fragmented. There are people who write the Internet marketing articles about how to increase web hits, and the people who actually come up with the brand identity  and slogans. In my opinion, unless you are a web guru, you should stick with the latter half. Getting involved in traditional marketing just makes more sense. After all, the Internet marketing game can change overnight, but overall marketing and advertising won't. In fact, some of the most useful Internet marketing articles are written by people who only have a cursory knowledge of the Web. They know marketing, and that is the most important thing.