Landing Pages. What causes success?

As I think for a moment about what started that big change for me, it comes down to just one thing.


It's an appealing paradox. The Internet is thought to be this big global, impersonal, disconnected network of computers and equipment. But what the successful people rarely ever mention (and the ineffective ones just don't know) is that the heart of the Internet isn't the electronics at all.

It's the people.

And it's the relationships you make with those people, the trust you create, the help you offer, and the team you build around you that really drives business on the web.

So what happened that changed everything for me? It was there that I met some people who were previously at the top of the Internet Marketing world. And it was when I met some people - like Joel Comm - who have since rocketed to enourmous levels of success.

And it's my relationships top marketers that help me grow my business.

Now if there's one thing I understand, it's doubt and hesitation. They're killer emotions and they kept me down for a long time. They still keep lots of great people - maybe even you - from doing what you know you really want to do, and what you really know you should do.

I've rise above these twin demons of doubt and apprehension. Can I help you overcome them, too? Just a little?

I've thought long and hard about this, and how to help you, and and here's what I've come up with.

You come to Big Seminar in Atlanta, and I'll spend a couple of hours with you there talking about business and marketing. Plus, I'll take you to dinner so we can really begin to forge a relationship together.