Online Virus Scan

We often forget how vulnerable our computers are. To be more specific, our PCs. Although I'd like to include the Macs in this, I can't see how they apply. By now you know I'm addressing computer viruses.

I work with a Mac and PC both, and have to say that I've never encountered any virus hoopla with the Mac. So, back to the PC burden. You must first understand how to keep viruses and spyware off your computer. This is your first line of defense. The good news is all you need is a free online virus scan. See, you don't even have to purchase software.

Let me run this one by you; have you ever gotten hit with a trojan horse of some sort? If you have, you certainly knew it. Computer viruses have the power to obliterate your hard drive and basically crash your system.

All of the sudden you're sitting before a screen full of lines, your keyboard and mouse no longer work, and you're two seconds from pitching the entire machine out the window. YIKES! Let's hope this never happens to you. Sadly it did happen to me.

One fine day, while I was researching a school paper topic on the web, everything slowed down. It was like I had dial-up or something. Then my monitor started having difficulties. Finally my screen froze. I attempted to re-start the PC, but the screen kept on freezing. It was time to call in the big gun. My computer technician of a brother came to my rescue. In no time he said my PC had crash because I had a virus.

After a couple hours he had it back up and running. He was struggling to quarantine the virus and eliminate countless spyware I never knew I had. He then recommended that I do an online virus scan on my wife's computer. Just to make certain she had no bugs in the system. Fortunately the free online virus scan said that there were no viruses found on her laptop.

Is it about time you did an online virus scan? I'll bet your PC could use the routine check-up. Remember, these scans are free online. Although you can purchase software, you don't have to in order to keep your hard drive clean of nasty viruses. Just don't put it off. Get it done today!