Did you forget your password?

It wouldn't be for the first time if you would try to log into a secure area and your password is rejected. What would you do next? Probably try another one. And another one... because, if you are like me, you use the same dozen of passwords for all your accounts across the net. Was it your first name and the last three digits of your street address? And what about your pet's name when you were a child? Your mother's maiden name spelled backwards?

Security experts tell you to come up with 'strong' passwords and to not repeat them. That's great advice, but sometimes it's impractical -- and hard as heck to remember.

Well, here are some other common password problems. . . and some advice on how to solve them:

1) You use the same password for all of the sites you log into.

Using the same password opens up your whole online life -- from your reunion website to your shopping cart to your bank account -- the moment someone discovers just one of your passwords. Never do this. It's a very quick path to big trouble.

2) You log into dozens of websites a day, and spend upwards of 30 minutes a day on login screens.

This is a real problem for me, too. I log into websites well over 50 to 60 times a day, and some sites I log into several times a day. It's a real time waster. A common solution is to try to keep multiple browser windows open with your logged-in sites, but many websites expire automatically so you can't do this very long.

3) You work at Internet Cafe's and other public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Be very careful. Never let anyone watch you log-in, especially at a public place. If you ever log-in in a public place, watch the people who are watching you log-in. They may be watching you type, and recording your usernames and
passwords as you type them. It's not a password, but your credit card information is just as spy-able.

4) Your passwords are weak

Do you use plain words, your first name, the digits 123456, the same number over and over again, numbers from your address, or other easily-knowable or easily guessable words and numbers in your passwords? It's not a problem, until you get hacked just once.

Then you feel incredibly vulnerable, like nothing is secret any more.

About two years ago, I confronted all of these problems head on.

I found a program that made my online life much simpler: Roboform.
  • This program memorizes all of your passwords and logs you in   automatically to any website you want. Just pick from your list, and boom, you're in.
  • Roboform keeps your passwords 100% secure and encrypted on your computer.
  • Roboform will remember and enter your credit card info for you (and keep it safe from prying eyes, too).
  • Roboform can create strong passwords for you automatically, to keep your data safe.

You can even get a trial version for Roboform at RoboformFreeTrial.com.