Site and Product Graphics

I keep a daily to do list in a notebook on my desk, to help me keep track of what I need/want to get done each day, and to help me focus on the things that need to be done first.

I also find it great for looking back and seeing how much I have accomplished in a week, which can be a great motivator at times, but not this week, my "to do" list is now longer than it was at the start of the week!

Guess I'd better get on with it.

I've got a couple of things today, the first is about site and product graphics, the second is about a big launch going on today and what I think of the product...

Having professional looking graphics for your site can make a real difference to your bottom line as it gives a better impression to your visitors, but it can be a bit expensive to get them done if you're constantly launching new sites and blogs, like me.

Well there's a new site that I've found that makes getting real cool looking graphics for your site a LOT CHEAPER!

Jeff Dedrick has released a product called Hidden Sales Project today which you will no doubt be receiving a lot of promotional emails about, but is it just another over hyped product that you don't really need?

I've got a copy and have been reading through it over the last few hours and I have to say they wasn't really a lot in there for me, but that may simply be beacuse I already know (and do) most of the stuff he covers...

Is it right for you?

Well, the heart of the book is about how to increase the value of every one of your customers, which is pretty important stuff for making money online. If you have one or more product of your own, then the info in here could double, triple (or more) your customer value.

It covers all sorts of tactics to get extra value out of each subscriber or customer you have by using Upsells, downsells, backends, cross sells etc. etc. Upsells can also be useful when promoting other peoples products as
an affiliate and this will show you how to do this.

If you haven't got your own products or email list yet, then this is probably not going to help you much until you do. There are also a LOT of interviews with some very switched on internet marketers, including Jason James, Tim Knox, Michael Cheney, Mike Long, Liz Tomey, Keith Wellman, Harris Fellman, Dr Mike Woo-Ming, Mike Steup, Robert Puddy, Paulie Sabol, Chris McNeeney, Ben Shaffer and others, so it's pretty cheap at just $47.

If it sounds like something you could use in your online business today then check out the link below, if not then go spend your time on something useful to your business today instead.