Internet speed testing with connection quality analysis

The new MySpeed Broadband online test accurately measures the data speed and flow between remote locations/users and the MCS server. Try here MySpeed connection speed test.

This tool is a component of the MyConnection Server framework recently released by VisualWaere Inc. To address the need to support and manage bandwidth hungry and time critical applications, MySpeed is designed to measure the data throughput performance, the data flow performance and the overall end-to-end route performance.

The Speed Test carefully analyzes TCP to identify and report inherent delays that affect data performance such as packet loss, duplicate packet transmissions and data recovery demands.

This Internet Speed Test enables you to accurately measure broadband speeds between your server and customers, and get detailed reports of connection performance.
  • Determine the cause of slow connection speeds, such as network regulation or congestion
  • Get precise measurements of download and upload broadband speeds to your server
  • See the level of broadband connection quality to your server
  • Benchmark network deployments and provide a self-branded connection testing portal for your customers
  • The standard version of the broadband speed test provides quick and easy solution for businesses looking to give speed test services on their website.