Easily rotate content on your sites

A problem with most article sites is that you need to constantly update the site with fresh content . . . so when search engines visit your site they see new content each time. Search engines LOVE new content, so when they see that your site constantly has new content, your site ranks higher.

So the obvious solution to this problem is to have tons of fresh, new content created for you so you can update your site on a regular basis. This can get expensive, especially if you have several sites that you need to update.

The best solution would be to have 20-30 pages of content ready, and just rotate that content each day. That way, every time the search engines visit your site, they see a different page than the last time.

If you're thinking, "Great, now I have to pay someone to write a script to make my sites do this . . ."

Well, the good news is that you don't have to worry about that, because I have a very easy solution (and very cheap): www.articlepagerandomizer.com

This program will handle all of this for you - you just need to tell it which pages to rotate, and when it is set up, every day a new page will show as your homepage.

Now, when the search engines visit your site, they'll see new content, and will rank your site higher because of this.

This is a heck of a lot cheaper, and a heck of a lot easier than either writing the content your self, or paying to have the content created for you. And I can tell you from experience that can get very expensive after a while.

So go and have a look at this program and see if it can help you out with your article pages. I'm sure you can see that something like this can save you some time and cash pretty quickly.