Diskeeper 2009 - The most intelligent real-time defragmenter

Put the most intelligent real-time defragmenter ever built to work on your home computer!

It’s new, innovative technology. It's based on years of real-world application on some of the largest and busiest computers in the world. Now you can put this cutting edge performance solution on your home computer and achieve better than new speed and reliability – automatically!

The severe performance corrupting effects of fragmentation don’t go away with more RAM, a larger hard disk, more free space or the latest CPU. A built-in defragmenter barely scratches the surface. Only new Diskeeper 2009 eliminates fragmentation as it happens, using only idle system resources.

  • Restore speed and reliability to better-than-new levels, automatically.
  • No scheduling. No maintenance.
  • New InvisiTasking® technology allows real-time defrag using only idle system resources.
  • Extends productive computer life an extra 1–3 years.
  • Defrags disk volumes with less than 1% free space.
  • Quickly defrags volume sizes up to 1 terabyte.

Restore the speed and reliability your computer was designed to deliver.