Tips for what to write about

In a current survey, one of the obstacles that some expert authors identified that was preventing them from writing more articles was not knowing what in particular to write about.

Let's find out some quick ideas on how to select an article topic.

The core theme in today's tips:

"Write what the market wants to read and not what you want to write"

This involves a long tail keyword research. Use any keyword research tool that can help you identify relevant topics that readers in your niche are currently searching for. Word tracker, Goodkeywords, Overture and Keyword Discovery are popular keyword research tools.

Survey your visitors or clients via e-mail. Discover the top 20 concerns or areas of interest for them and write a set of articles that answers their top questions or interests.

If you provide a customer support review the last 3 months of questions your clients have sent you via email or over the phone. Write articles on topics that answers their questions (keeping in mid your privacy policy, so without disclosing any personal information about your clients).

If your are an expert of your field run a free teleseminar for your audience and prospects. Use it to give of your expertise and poll them for ideas and feedback as to what they want to learn more about relating to your expertise. You might extract tens of article topic ideas from this strategy alone, not to mention using your teleseminar transcript for article content.

Contact your top by phone or by email and ask them to help you identify what area of your website  they perceive as being the most interesting for them. Write groups of articles that leverage the skills that your top clients say you have.

Distribute your content by RSS or setup e-mail alerts when new articles are available in your niche.

Use these tips for inspiration only; keeping tabs on the competition while making sure you have content coverage within every angle of your niche.