The Perfect Sales Page for PPC Campaigns

Do you want to boost your sales with your landing pages, optimize your pay per click campaigns by fine tuning your sales page? You might be surpised, but there's no such thing as "the perfect sales page" or "the perfect opt-in page" or "the ideal sales letter" for your product.

Why?  Because of context.

In the right context, there IS such a thing as the perfect web page: it's the page that continues the conversation inside your customer's head, based on where thet came from and what they were thinking before arriving to your offer.

Where they came from makes the difference.

This has obvious implications for keyword marketing - when someone types in "healthy lawn" or "green grass" or "lawn care", each of those phrases may mean
something radically different.

The secret to ultra-high performance Pay Per Click marketing is discovering what those words really, actually mean to the person who just typed them in.  Today, a brief outline of three ways my top students are cracking the code on keywords and building outrageously productive and profitable websites. 

Even though I can explain these concepts in just a few short paragraphs, I hope you won't underestimate how powerful these are.

  1. Glenn Livingston figures it out by taking surveys.  They're short and deceptively simple, but brilliantly conceived.  His success rate in entering new markets exceeds 95%.  What does he do?

    He picks a half dozen top keywords and takes brief surveys for each one of them, putting the results of each keyword in a different bucket.  The responses - and the differences between each keyword - give vital clues to what people will and will not actually spend money on and why.

    This works equally well whether it's for a service, a product, or an information product.

    Even something as simple and easy as a field on your opt-in form that asks: What's the biggest problem you're trying to solve right now? can provide priceless clues as to what that one keyword really means to someone - emotionally, situationally, financially.

  2. Ari Galper penetrates the haze with live chat and telephone onversations. His Unlock The Game philosophy - which in a sentence is "Get to the truth, not the sale" - cracks the code on keywords because: If your posture towards your customer is genuine listening, she will tell you exactly what she wants.  Works on the phone; works on chat; works via email.

    Bryan and I have learned a GREAT deal about our customers (and especially our prospects, ie people who did NOT buy) through chat tools.  In fact Bryan is completely re-writing our Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, based on conversations he's had with people who almost bought but didn't.  In our case it
    wasn't just enough to change a sales page.  We discovered opportunities to make the product itself better - and thus easier to sell.  Interestingly, the new Definitive Guide will be shorter than the current one, not longer.

  3. David Bullock gets this information with Taguchi.  Taguchi builds a series of scientifically designed web pages which, after testing, point you to an optimal combination of all possible elements.  For David, 50% to 300% gains in response are all in a day's work.

    Interestingly, you yourself often cannot guess that the winning Taguchi
    combination would actually be any better than any other combination.  But the numbers do not lie.  To most people what David does may seem like black magic, but it's as systematic as turning on your TV.

For me the fun part has been the synthesis of ALL these things.  Bryan and I use all three methods to great benefit.  As the keyword marketing landscape has grown more competitive, we've also seen our top students continue to pull out further and further ahead of the pack.  At a certain point they become virtually competition proof.
Glenn Livingston, Ari Galper, David Bullock and I are organizing a special "seminar inside a seminar" at the System in Chicago, culminating in a wide-ranging Q&A session where everything comes together.  We will detail our methods and discuss the state-of-the-art in Traffic Conversion expertise.

Also, Glenn Livingston and Dave Bullock were featured at my AdWords / Traffic Conversion seminar last spring and those who come to the System as my guest will get the DVD's from that event.  On these DVD's Glenn explains his survey method and Dave gives a stunningly entertaining presentation on advanced testing and tracking.  Published by Perry Marshall, www.perrymarshall.com