Traffic errors. Avoid the Web 2.0 traffic disasters.

You know what's the biggest disaster, according to Michael Cheney - one of the most-respected names in the field of Internet marketing? It's Falling Asleep At The Wheel.

You will get caught out if you think that there are no new traffic methods out there or that all this new web 2.0 stuff is for spotty teenagers who need to get out more.

That's why I gave you the free E-Book "How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters". You HAVE read it haven't you? Seriously now, you're not going to get anywhere unless you download it and start reading.

Assuming you have read it already (well done you) then you already know the importance of learning new techniques.

Have you heard this saying?

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks?" It's rubbish. Absolute garbage. And I know. Because I've got a dog. Let me tell you a story about my dog Max, you can see a picture of him here:

He had Max a few years and ever since I got him wanted him to fetch.
As a child I remember -- he says -- playing with someone else's dog for hours - just throwing a ball and the dog dutifully fetching it back to me.

And that's what I wanted Max to do.

I tried for over a year to teach him but no success.

Sure - he would chase after things he'd just never bring them back. My friends all told me. "It's too late now. You've missed your chance. You'll never be able to teach him now." Well you know me - I love a challenge so the gauntlet was well and truly thrown down. There was NO WAY I was going to let this little ball of fluff defeat me! :-)

So I changed my approach and started teaching him whilst he was on the lead so that if he didn't come back he got a gentle reminder what he was supposed to do. How long do you think I had to repeat this process with him until he got it? Two weeks? A month? Two months? He learned how to fetch in THREE DAYS!!

That was it - he just GOT IT. He was an old dog and he learned a NEW TRICK! So what's my message to you here - that you need to wear a lead to be a success online? No! If you receive the information in the right way you can learn a new skill very easily. Not only that but you can learn this new skill in a VERY short amount of time - you're smarter than Max right? (Though I doubt you're as cute!). :-)

So this is why in "Michael's Traffic Videos" I am not just giving you the best, most upto date information I am giving it to you in the easiest to learn way - step-by-step videos, audio files you can listen to and your very own tailored
Action Plan. So please don't fall behind in the Traffic Wars - read the free book I've written for you here:


If you've already done that - you've got a slight start on the competition but the only way you'll catch up and overtake them is if you get the full videos course that even comes with instant traffic credits to get you started!
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