Web Traffic - 15 Ways to get lots of it

Without traffic, no-one will buy your service or product, no-one will click on
your ads, no-one will find your online advertising pages. The equation is simple. No traffic = No Income

Everyone needs traffic to be a winner of their online business - no matter what they are doing on the web. Building a constant stream of traffic to your website will move your business forward day by day, and it should be one of the things that you should focus on more than anything else.

Traffic generating strategies are crucial to create a successful online business, and you need to grow a strategy for creating a steadily increasing source of traffic.

Here are some of the ways, in which you can get traffic to your website.

  1. 1. Get you site listed in the major search engines for specific keywords that relate to your website.
  2. Use PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Marketing. Obviously there is a cost coupled with this, so you have top be aware of the budget you will dedicate to this.
  3. Post content on forums, and have a link in your forum signature file.
  4. Have affiliate sites promoting your service or products.
  5. E-mail to your opt-in list frequently
  6. Create and give away free reports from your website
  7. Write articles and have them posted on Article Directories.
  8. Get your website listed on website directories.
  9. Host a blog on your website and use RSS to "Syndicate" the posts.
  10. Get links to your website from other sites.
  11. Create a Podcast with tutorials and have it linked to your website.
  12. Post videos with your services and make demos publihed on Google Video and You Tube.
  13. Create links to your website from social networking sites.
  14. Run a forum on your website so that visitors return to the forum frequently.
  15. Post Press Releases about your website.

This list will hopefully get you thinking about how you could get some more traffic to your websites.

Try to do something every day that will help increase the traffic to your business, and, even just a little effort every day, will lead to a build-up in traffic levels to your sites.

If you are serious about wanting to create an online business that will produce an income, then you need to take traffic generation very seriously, and really work at it.

Read everything you can find about traffic and how to get it, and make sure you put the information to good use.

Having lots of information about how to get traffic is no good at all, unless you take action to make sure that you grab your share of the traffic, and get people clicking on your ads, reading your salespage, ordering you product, or joining your opt-in list.

Keep a check on the traffic levels to your website by using the webstats that are collected on your server, and then, after you have tried out some traffic strategies, you will be able to check and see if there has been an increase in traffic to your site. We reccomend www.FreeStats.biz.