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I have a blog site wear i write about a verity of different subjects.
Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff
Home to Njkinny’s World of Books & Stuff and Njkinny Tours & Promotions. A blog where I talk, eat and sleep books, movies and any other stuff that strikes my fancy as well as promote and help authors get into the limelight!
Crimes In Pakistan
latest crime information from all over the pakistan at one place with updated day by day ,crimes pakistan,crime news
baca cerita online
'portalnovel.blogspot.com is a collection of personal literature in English which we translated into Indonesian. all the literature the author owns the copyright in accordance with the law.
Book Binding yourself with instruction and techniques from the art of bookbinding and more
Contains the entire contents of The Art of Bookbinding, published in London in 1897 and The Care of Books published in 1902.
BookSpot.com: Book reviews, book awards, poetry, literary criticism, authors & more.
Find the best book reviews, book awards, online texts, reading lists, author and publisher information, book stores, book news, book events and more at BookSpot.com.
Crink - Self Publishing
Crink is a digital publishing space, where you, the author can publish, sell, market and distribute your work in an online customised environment. You can interact and engage with the reading public on your own terms. You control your own content in an online community of authors and buyers.
Digital Magazine Subscriptions
Digital Magazine Deals brings you discount digital magazine subscriptions with a range of great titles all at amazing prices
True story of a Black African, his extraordinary journey across four continents, his encounters with racism and his personal thinking. Op-Ed.
My Poems And Short Stories Site
This site holds all of my love poems and short stories. At this time you will find 102 love poems and 49 short stories on this site.
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