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Managing the Internet Experience

Our networking solutions include a suite of products and OEM technologies that enable any business or organization to view, report and troubleshoot a customer's actual transaction response time anywhere in the world, as it happens in real time.

Test your network performance now!

Broadband and DSL Testing
Get accurate measurements of your bandwidth speed & connection quality and test Internet connections for VoIP performance & bandwidth speeds.

Connectivity Analysis
Analyze Internet connections and get reports of network performance, connection quality and see where any slowdowns or loss data occurs.

Media Test Tools Connectivity Diagnostics
Test bandwidth performance
Measure VoIP connection quality
Measoure VideoIP and TvIP quality
Discover connection problems
See Internet connection paths
Resolve connection issues

Online connection testing

Check your connection throughput and quality, analyze your network route efficiency and perfomance and quickly identify last mile problems.

Internet Speed Test - DSL Broadband TestingMySpeed - Internet Speed Test
Bandwidth speed and connection quality testing
Video-over-IP quality testing MyVideo - Video over IP Test
Video-over-IP quality testing
Voice-over-IP quality testing MyVoIP - Voide Over IP Test
Voice-over-IP quality testing
MCS IPTV MyIPTV - Tv over IP Test
TV-over-IP real time broadcasting quality testing

Network route performance testing MyRoute - Routing and connectivity Test
Network route performance testing

Networking Tools

Media Test Tools Connectivity Diagnostics