Internet Speed Test - DSL Broadband Testing

Check your internet connection speed with our Broadband Speed Test Tool

MySpeed Server bandwidth test accurately measures, xDSL, cable, satellite and other broadband connections by measouring the actual data transfers. To ckeck your connection speed click on the "start MySpeed" button below. The MySpeed Internet speed test measures your current upload and download connection speed by timing your actual data transfer rates, which may be negatively affected by other applications or users sharing your broadband network connection during the the bandwidth test.

MySpeed enables you to quickly and easily provide bandwidth and connection quality test services to your customers and end users measouring the upload and download speed of your connection and evaluating the Quality of Service on of the network segment involved.

How accurate are these results?

The key benchmark for any bandwidth tester is: Can it deliver consistent and accurate results for a highly accurate broadband connection of known speed? If not, the tester cannot be trusted.

Compare the effectiveness of the results with other similar programs, like CNet Bandwidth Meter and McAffe Speedometer. Why are some broadband testers not quite accurate and consistent as compared to others? Unfortunately, some software developers write their own bandwidth connectivity performace analizer program without understanding how easy it is to create souch a tool with hidden incorrect assumptions, producing inaccurate test results. In the next page you can see the evaluation and comparisonof various widely-used Internet broadband testers.

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