Network route performance testing

Integrating all the essential networking tools into an unique interface

Our network route test provides a graphical traceroute and ping test from this server to any other network device you choose, useful for pinpointing network connectivity problems and identifying IP address locations. Enter the IP address or host name below.

VisualRoute is now available in various specialized editions, from the personal edition to noc and datacenter editions, enabling on-demand and continuous connectivity analysis from a single computer, a remote customer desktop, a remote server, or multiple points on a global network.

All editions include integrated traceroute, ping tests, reverse DNS and Whois lookups, and display the actual route of connections and IP address locations on a global geographic map.

The software now provides DNS (Domain Name Server) analysis with every traceroute. DNS is the service that translates Internet domain names (such as www.rankingtoday.com) into IP addresses (such as, similar to using a phone book to find the telephone number associated with a person's name. VisualRoute editions that support the DNS performance feature now measures and report the DNS response time in the analysis section of the report. A slow responding DNS look-up can have a quite bad impact in the performance of a website, so be sure to check your network connection and keep your trace route under observation with this on-line VisualRoute Server.

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