Visual Route - Product Overview

Analyze Internet connection performance, diagnose connectivity problems

VisualRoute helps determine if a connectivity problem is due to an ISP, the Internet, or the destination web site, and pinpoints the network where a problem occurs.

VisualRoute Desktop Editions, for individual and business use

VisualRoute Lite - Free for individual, non business use!
The solution for individual users, it tests the connectivity from your desktop to any remote Internet address.

VisualRoute Peronal
Test connectivity from your desktop to any Internet address, get information about any web site (domain name) or IP address, see IP locations on a world map.

VisualRoute Advanced
The Advanced version includes all the features of the Personal Edition, plus continuous connectivity testing from your PC to any Internet address, with real-time and historical reports.

VisualRoute Business
Detailed connectivity analysis, including application port testing, continuous testing, real-time and historical reports, connectivity testing from multiple test servers, and single-user remote access.

VisualRoute SupportPro
Business Edition features plus easy connecctivity test tools to find problems between remote customers and your application server with forward and reverse connection testing.

VisualRoute Server Editions, for connectivity analysis services, data centers and network support organizations

VisualRoute Server Standard
The Standard version gives multiple users access, even from behind a firewall, to a centrally located connectivity test server to measure connection quality and performance on the network between the VisualRoute the server and any remote Internet location.

VisualRoute Server Professional
Includes all the features of the Standard Edition and enables multiple support staff to easily diagnose connectivity problems between remote users and your VR application server. Provides both forward and reverse connection testing, view all test results with server-side reports.

VisualRoute Server NOC
The solution for Netowrk operating centers, this solution includes all the features of the Professional Edition and performs continuous testing from multiple remote locations for ongoing network performance management and identification of changes in connectivity performance.

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