XML SiteMap Generator

Let the wrold know sooner that your site was updated!

Google SiteMaps is one of the easiest way to tell Google when your site was updated. A Sitemap file lets you tell Goolge about all your pages with additional information such as which are most important and how often they change. By submitting a Sitemap file you can take control of the first part of the crawling/indexing processes: the discovery of your pages.

Main benefits of our tool:
Our Google Sitemap Generator will analyze your site and generate an optimized XML output file:

  1. Removes duplicate links
  2. Rewrites the links with their absolute path
  3. Removes the external links
  4. Removes the links to images, css and other non content pages
  5. Create the xml file, ready to download and publish on your website
The spider will crowl up to three levels of sub-pages.
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