Image Optimizer

Compress your images for a faster loading

Use our online image optimizer to compress the graphic elements of your webpage.
Reducing the weight of your images will result in faster loading pages, enhancing thus the usability of your website.

To optimize an image please insert the full path to the location of the file and click on the Optimize button below. Our software will compress the original image giving you the choice to choose between several optimized versions. If your are a registered user you can upload the images directly from your PC. The opimized images will be available online for 3 days.

Optimize your web images now

Image URL:

(Ex: http://www.domain-name.com/images/mypicture.gif)

Upload a file from your PC:

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On a SE optimized page the weight of each image should not exceed 15k. Ideally each image should be less than 1160 bytes, to easily fit into one TCP-IP packet.

Use the jpeg format for larger images and gif for buttons and navigation bars.

Try to keep your total page size below 50k and load time close to 15 seconds on a 28k dial up line. Consider using fewer images on a page and try reusing the same image in multiple pages to take advantage of caching. You may chek your total load time with our Site Checkup tool.